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How to Cook Jambalaya with Chef Chad Terry of 3 in Franklin, MA

The Chefs’ Table Series cooking show took a road trip to Franklin, MA to visit Executive Chef Chad Terry of 3.  3 is a spacious, contemporary restaurant featuring New American cuisine that can cater to all types of palettes.  Chef Joe Murphy and Chef Chad Terry explain how to make Jambalaya, a dish with Spanish & French influences.

Cooking with Chef Chad Terry of 3 in Franklin, MA

Follow the recipe instructions below and cook the dish with the chefs!!

Jambalaya Recipe


▪  6 each chicken tenderloins, cut into ½ pieces

▪  24 each shrimp, peeled and deveined

▪  ½ cup pork Tasso, small diced

▪  ½ cup Andouille sausage, small diced

▪  3 each Poblano peppers, medium diced

▪  3 each red peppers, medium diced

▪  1 cup okra, medium diced

▪  1 cup celery, medium diced

▪  1 cup crushed tomatoes, canned

▪  1 tbsp. cumin

▪  1 tbsp.  Chili powder

▪  1 tbsp. Cajun seasoning

▪  1 tbsp. crushed garlic

▪  4 cups chicken stock, ½ cup reserved for final steps

▪  4 cups beef stock, ½ cup reserved for final steps

▪  3 cups long grain white rice

▪  1/ cup flour

▪  TT salt & pepper

1.       Sauté celery and onion, red peppers, Poblano peppers and okra until tender

2.       Combine rice, chicken broth, beef broth, garlic, cumin, chili powder, Cajun seasoning, stewed tomatoes to the tender celery, onion and peppers

3.       Cover and simmer for 45 minutes

4.       Check the rice until it is cooked through

5.       Pull off the heat and put aside

6.       Dredge the chicken tenderloins in flour and sauté in oil

7.        Add shrimp, tasso ham and Andouille sausage to the same pan of chicken

8.       Combine the rice and vegetables to the sautéed proteins

9.       Adjust flavor and consistency with remaining stock

10.   Season with salt and pepper to taste

Serving size: 4-6 portions.

Wine Pairing: John-Paul Kaminga, wine sommelier of Blanchard’s Wines & Spirits pairs Rose Loire Wine 2013 Chinon Appellation Chinon Controlee with the Jambalaya dish.  Carol O’Connor, co-host of the cooking show asks John-Paul questions about his wine choice for this spicy dish.  This wine is dry, yet exhibits

Chef’s Tip: Steve LaCount, chef/owner of Chiara Bistro shares his tip on how to best mince fresh garlic, when garlic shows signs of being old and why he places salt on the sliced garlic on the cutting board.  Useful tips that the home chef can use on a daily basis!

Restaurant Review:  Carol O’Connor sits down with Brian Ravella of 3 in Franklin to discuss the menu, atmosphere and upcoming events at 3 in Franklin, MA.  Brian shares with Carol why the restaurant is called 3.

3 | 461 W Central Street | Franklin, MA 02038 | (508) 528-6333| website

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