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Craft Beer Pairing-Notch Session Pils

September 7, 2015 by tablecritic in Wine and Beer Reviews

The Chefs’ Table Series: Craft Beer Pairing – Notch Session Pils

Kelsey Roth, Certified Cicerone® and marketing & communication for Craft Beer Cellar’s brand team, the parent company of the Craft Beer Cellar retail store family, pairs Notch Sessions Pils with Putterham Grille’s Executive Chef Michael Hincman’s Mediterranean dishes.

The Czech’s were the first people to brew a pilsner, in fact the style is named for the town it was first brewed in, Plsen in 1842. The pilsner style is now the most brewed style in the world. It’s characterized by it’s light golden color, active carbonation, biscuity malt character and noble hop aroma. Notch Brewing out of Salem, MA celebrates flavorful low alcohol beers, called session beers. The Notch Session Pils is brewed with traditional ingredients and is one of the few unfiltered lagers you’ll find.

When looking for a beer that will pair well with the Greek Pita, the Tomato Bisque and the Pan Seared Scallops, I decided on a beer that has enough character to stand up to the risotto but won’t overpower the delicate flavors in the pita. The Czech Pilsner is perfect for this. It has potent herbal hop notes that will compliment and enhance the delicate fresh flavors of the herbs and vegetables in these dishes. It finished dry, which will help balance the richness of the risotto, truffle oil and lobster without getting lost. The bready, white flour biscuit notes from the pilsner malts are a good match for the pita.

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