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Craft Beer Pairing-Corsendonk Pater Dubbel

September 7, 2015 by tablecritic in Wine and Beer Reviews

The Chefs’ Table Series: Craft Beer Pairing – Corsendonk Pater Dubbel

Kelsey Roth, Certified Cicerone®, chose Corsendonk Pater Dubbel to pair with Chef/Owner Chiara Bistro Steve LaCount’s dish Butternut Squash Risotto with Duck Confit, Walnuts and Orange Soaked Dates. Kelsey explains that the Belgian Dubbel style is part of the family of monastic or Abbey styles. Since this is big dish, Kelsey explains why it requires a beer that can stand up to it but not add too much more complexity and richness to the palate.

The Corsendonk Brewery is named after the monastery Prior Corsendonk that operated from 1398 to 1784. The Abbey Dubbel is brown in color, will have some nutty malt characteristics, caramel sweetness, some dark fruit and banana notes from the yeast and good carbonation. It’s unknown how long the style had been made as monks didn’t always keep clear brewing records, but it was first coined by the Trappist monks at Westmalle in 1926.

The duck and risotto is a fairly rich dish with earthy squash notes and some gaminess from the duck. The light body and good carbonation of the beer helps keep that richness from overwhelming the palate. Roasted malt flavors compliment the duck and risotto nicely. The walnuts will bring the nutty flavors of the beer to the foreground and the dark fruit yeast notes will balance the citrus bitterness of the dates.

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